U21 – Poster and Vintage Photo Design

Tuesday, 23. August 2011

Birthday present.

A poster of U21 – a 1952 ½ ton truck.

Poster of U21 - a 1952 GMC ½ Ton Truck

Photos and design by me – Simon Holm List.

A vintage photo design of U21.

Vintage Photo of U21 - a 1952 GMC ½ Ton Truck

Photo and design by me – Simon Holm List.

Syborg Twin Turbo Poster #4

Wednesday, 25. November 2009

Poster 4 ouf of 6.

Marty's Syborg Twin Turbo 04

Marty McGuire’s Syborg Twin Turbo V6.
Poster design by me – Simon Holm List.

Creating the TourDeluxe Poster

Thursday, 18. June 2009

People have asked me how I create my posters. So I have decided to post the things that I find important when I create posters.

Get to Know Your Software
I use Photoshop myself, I am no Photoshop expert and I continue to learn new things about the program but I know my way around it.

Doing a Sketch or Not
Sometimes I do a quick sketch of what I have in mind for the poster. The sketches I do are not pretty but they serve their purpose. Commonly I just pick out the main picture for the poster, load it in Photoshop, add a headline, try out different fonts, add other things that may suit the poster, move things around, try different effects, etc. Then things usually start to happen, but if they do not I look for inspiration elsewhere; like in newspapers, magazines, nature, other people’s posters, movies, etc.

TourDeluxe 1 - Sketch
TourDeluxe 2 - Photoshop
Doing a Sketch.. ..or Not

Thinking You Are Done
Sometimes somewhere along the process you get new ideas, feeling that something is not quite right or your wife comes up with something! 🙂

So what should you do, should you pursue your new ideas or should you finish what you are doing? Well I usually ask myself the following questions to figure that out.

  • How long will my new ideas take to do?
  • Are my new ideas really better than what I am already doing?
  • Does it require a total redesign, then perhaps I should save my new ideas for another poster?

Sometimes it is better to leave it as-is, sometimes it is better to follow you new ideas. It all depends..

TourDeluxe 3 - Photoshop
TourDeluxe Poster
Thinking You Are Done The Final Version

Useful Tips

  • Remember to use the web, you can find lots of useful stuff there for both inspiration and for Photoshop (if that is what you are using).
  • View your work on different monitors and do test prints on a printer you are familiar with. That way you know that what you create looks right on more than just your own monitor.
  • Get critique from others. I use my wife for this, she knows me inside out and she is honest and I can see right away when she is right about the comments she makes. (Which can be a bit annoying from time to time). 😉

Syborg Twin Turbo Poster #3

Tuesday, 26. May 2009

Poster 3 ouf of 6.

Marty's Syborg Twin Turbo 03

Marty McGuire’s Syborg Twin Turbo V6.
Poster design by me – Simon Holm List.