Engine Rebuild – part 1

Thursday, 16. July 2009

Friday evening Michael pulled the engine so it was ready for me to work on. I started to take it apart Saturday morning and everything went fine. It quickly became evident that the cam shaft and lifters needed to be replaced. Both the intake and exhaust lobes on the cam had been worn quite heavily on cylinder number six.

Taking Out the Engine
Stripping the Engine
Yanking the engine. Stripping the engine.
Engine Parts All Over the Floor
Bottom of Engine
Engine parts all over the floor. The bottom of the engine is looking good.


This week I spent cleaning the engine, painting it and checking it for wear and tear. Mechanically, everything seems to be fine and I only need to change the cam and lifters. That is until I decided to get a solid (mechanical) roller cam instead of a hydraulic flat tappet.

Some of the things I did this week:

Intake Manifold Needs to Be "Ported"
Intake Manifold "Ported"
As you can see in the first picture the intake manifold has some leftover aluminum from the casting and it should be grinded. The leftover aluminum is removed in the second picture and it was quite easy to remove.
Valve Covers Painted
Engine Block Ready for Paint
The valve covers have been painted. The engine block is ready for paint.
Engine Block Painted
Engine Block Painted
The engine block has just been painted and it now has the color I wanted it to have from the beginning.
Intake Manifold Ready for Paint
Intake Manifold Painted
The intake manifold is cleaned and ready for paint. Freshly painted intake manifold.

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TourDeluxe Poster

Tuesday, 9. June 2009

A Father’s Day present.

TourDeluxe Poster

Mr. McGuire’s tourDeluxe.
Poster design by me – Simon Holm List.

Syborg Twin Turbo Poster #3

Tuesday, 26. May 2009

Poster 3 ouf of 6.

Marty's Syborg Twin Turbo 03

Marty McGuire’s Syborg Twin Turbo V6.
Poster design by me – Simon Holm List.

Installing Red Procar Seats

Sunday, 1. March 2009

Installing these seats is quite straight forward. But if you like me have installed an eye bolt for your race harness you may run into a little trouble. Luckily I was able to solve the problem by just removing a washer.

Procar Seat in My Camaro

At first I could not Install the seat in the driverside. A bolt on the seat was interfering with the race harness’ eye bolt. But removing a washer under the bolt on the seat made just enough room for me to install the seat.

Procar Seat in My Camaro

The Procar Elite 1100 seats are done by Scat.

3 Posters for 3 People at pro-touring.com

Saturday, 14. February 2009
Tom's Mustang Cobra Poster

Photos by Rich Graswald and Tom Clark.
Design by me – Simon Holm List.

Steve's 65 Pontiac Tempest Custom Poster

Photos by Steve Linn.
Design by me – Simon Holm List.

Cliff's 68 Firebird Poster

Photos by Otto van den Toorn and Cliff Siebert.
Design by me – Simon Holm List.

The Rain Passed

Tuesday, 10. October 2006

The rain had stopped and the sun was going down.

1967 Camaro SS After Rain
1967 Camaro SS After Rain
1967 Camaro SS After Rain

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