A Poster of Your Car?

A Poster-size Dream Klik for vælge dansk

Get a custom designed poster of your favorite ride to light up your garage, your office, your home or your business!

Steen’s Mustang

For me to do it all I need is some hi-quality photos of your ride.

Chances are that you already have some good pictures of your ride but if you need me to take the pictures that can also be arranged.

Mail me for further information and prices at info@darkhorseposters.com.

I also do posters of car events, etc.


* Special Offer *

Special Offer

The special offer includes:
One custom designed poster.
One digital file at 1680×1120 pixels.
One high quality photo print at 75×50 cm (30×20″).
How the offer works:
You mail me high quality high resolution digital images along with the information I need for the poster.
I design the poster based on your wishes, if you have any.
I mail you the design.
I ship the final poster.


Posters are available in many different sizes.   Poster Sizes

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