Painting the Drum Brakes for the Second Time

Monday, 1. February 2010

The first time I painted the drums I did not know what I was doing so it is actually a surprise that they have lasted this long.

Drum Brake - Sand Blasted / Zinc Primed
Drum Brake - Sand Blasted and Grinded
Both drums had been sand blasted some time ago, the one on the left is what they looked like before I started working on them. The drum on the right has had zinc primer applied. Before zinc primer was applied I grinded the drums to get off all the surface rust then cleaned them with cellulose thinner.
Drum Brake - Painted Black
Mounted Drum
When the primer was dry enough to apply paint, the drums were painted with enamel flat black paint. Mounted drum brake with wheel spacer.

Syborg Twin Turbo Poster #4

Wednesday, 25. November 2009

Poster 4 ouf of 6.

Marty's Syborg Twin Turbo 04

Marty McGuire’s Syborg Twin Turbo V6.
Poster design by me – Simon Holm List.

Toolbox with Stickers

Friday, 2. October 2009

I have finally found a place to put some of the stickers I have collected through the last eight year. This is my new toolbox for the trunk in my Camaro.

Toolbox with Stickers
Toolbox with Stickers

New Parts Arrived Today

Friday, 4. September 2009

New parts from and arrived today. From Summit came my new camshaft, which I have carefully selected with tech support from Summit and Comp Cams. It came along with a lot of other very nice parts as you can see in the picture. I am of course looking forward to have all the goodies installed and find out how my new valve train performs. But it will be a while before I get that far, I have some rust issues and other things to deal with first.

New Parts - Camshaft, etc.

From came my fiber glass trunk lid with spoiler, rear bumper and two front inner fenders. I wish I had googled before I ordered, in my opinion their products are not of high quality. I have checked the trunk lid and it needs a lot of work and trimming before it can be fitted. I should have ordered from or instead.

Engine Rebuild – part 1

Thursday, 16. July 2009

Friday evening Michael pulled the engine so it was ready for me to work on. I started to take it apart Saturday morning and everything went fine. It quickly became evident that the cam shaft and lifters needed to be replaced. Both the intake and exhaust lobes on the cam had been worn quite heavily on cylinder number six.

Taking Out the Engine
Stripping the Engine
Yanking the engine. Stripping the engine.
Engine Parts All Over the Floor
Bottom of Engine
Engine parts all over the floor. The bottom of the engine is looking good.


This week I spent cleaning the engine, painting it and checking it for wear and tear. Mechanically, everything seems to be fine and I only need to change the cam and lifters. That is until I decided to get a solid (mechanical) roller cam instead of a hydraulic flat tappet.

Some of the things I did this week:

Intake Manifold Needs to Be "Ported"
Intake Manifold "Ported"
As you can see in the first picture the intake manifold has some leftover aluminum from the casting and it should be grinded. The leftover aluminum is removed in the second picture and it was quite easy to remove.
Valve Covers Painted
Engine Block Ready for Paint
The valve covers have been painted. The engine block is ready for paint.
Engine Block Painted
Engine Block Painted
The engine block has just been painted and it now has the color I wanted it to have from the beginning.
Intake Manifold Ready for Paint
Intake Manifold Painted
The intake manifold is cleaned and ready for paint. Freshly painted intake manifold.

See all the pictures.

Creating the TourDeluxe Poster

Thursday, 18. June 2009

People have asked me how I create my posters. So I have decided to post the things that I find important when I create posters.

Get to Know Your Software
I use Photoshop myself, I am no Photoshop expert and I continue to learn new things about the program but I know my way around it.

Doing a Sketch or Not
Sometimes I do a quick sketch of what I have in mind for the poster. The sketches I do are not pretty but they serve their purpose. Commonly I just pick out the main picture for the poster, load it in Photoshop, add a headline, try out different fonts, add other things that may suit the poster, move things around, try different effects, etc. Then things usually start to happen, but if they do not I look for inspiration elsewhere; like in newspapers, magazines, nature, other people’s posters, movies, etc.

TourDeluxe 1 - Sketch
TourDeluxe 2 - Photoshop
Doing a Sketch.. ..or Not

Thinking You Are Done
Sometimes somewhere along the process you get new ideas, feeling that something is not quite right or your wife comes up with something! 🙂

So what should you do, should you pursue your new ideas or should you finish what you are doing? Well I usually ask myself the following questions to figure that out.

  • How long will my new ideas take to do?
  • Are my new ideas really better than what I am already doing?
  • Does it require a total redesign, then perhaps I should save my new ideas for another poster?

Sometimes it is better to leave it as-is, sometimes it is better to follow you new ideas. It all depends..

TourDeluxe 3 - Photoshop
TourDeluxe Poster
Thinking You Are Done The Final Version

Useful Tips

  • Remember to use the web, you can find lots of useful stuff there for both inspiration and for Photoshop (if that is what you are using).
  • View your work on different monitors and do test prints on a printer you are familiar with. That way you know that what you create looks right on more than just your own monitor.
  • Get critique from others. I use my wife for this, she knows me inside out and she is honest and I can see right away when she is right about the comments she makes. (Which can be a bit annoying from time to time). 😉

TourDeluxe Poster

Tuesday, 9. June 2009

A Father’s Day present.

TourDeluxe Poster

Mr. McGuire’s tourDeluxe.
Poster design by me – Simon Holm List.