The Project So Far


· New window crank knobs
· New sunvisor tips
· New pedal pads
· New floormats
· Added firewall carpet guard
· Installed fire extinguisher
· New B&M shifter knob
· Replaced the B&M StarShifter with a B&M Megashifter
· New steering wheel
· New driver seat upholstery
· Relocated backseat brackets
· Installed original front seat belts
· Installed rear seat belts
· Installed Sparco 3-point race harness
· Fixed interior lighting
· New wiper switch
· Fixed horn switch
· New tachometer
· Installed a Summit shiftlight and removed it again
· Installed shiftlight w/digital tachometer
· Installed oil pressure, water temperature & voltmeter gauges
· New Receiver and speakers
· Installed alarm and “startspære”

Camaro Front CornerEXTERIOR

· Painted the edge of the grille moldings flat black
· Fixed surface rust in trunk and painted it black
· Fixed rust and painted edges around the windshield and the rear window
· Fixed rust and painted roof drip rails
· Repaired rust hole in outer rear wheel wells and in front lower quarter panel
· New fuel tank and filler neck
· Added SS-350 grille emblem
· Added V-flag & 350 fender emblems
· Added chrome moldings on windshield, rear window, roof drip rails and rocker panel
· New aluminum SS hood ornaments (on old SS hood)
· Painted, polished and installed new ’67 Yenko hood
· New hood safety latch and springs
· Installed hood pins
· Added front spoiler
· Added rear spoiler
· New H4 headlights
· New LED tail- and backup lights
· New side turn signals in black smoke colored glass
· Installed new windshield
· New windshield wipers in polished stainless steel
· New mirror in left side mirror
· New door locks
· New gaskets for tail-lights
· New rubber bumpers all-over
· New high polished aluminum wheels with new tires
· Painted old rally wheels satin black and put new chrome center caps and rally wheel trim rings and new tires on

MoTown Engine HeadENGINE

· New dress-up stuff for the 350 engine
· Increased jet sizes on old carburetor
· Fixed the loose head rocker studs
· Installed new lifters and the camshaft from the original engine
· Repaired old starter
· Installed new World Products 415 cui engine
· New dress-up stuff for the 415 engine
· New Hooker headers
· New K&N air filter
· New Holley fuel pump
· New CSI flexplate
· New Summit starter
· New Summit aluminum water pump
· New Summit power steering pump
· New Powermaster alternator
· Replaced alternator pulley w/old pulley
· New voltage regulator
· Installed MSD Digital-6 Plus ignition box
· New Mallory HEI distributor
· New distributor rotor
· New heater core
· New Be Cool aluminum cooler
· Installed electric fan with thermostatic fan control
· New battery cables
· large number of new hoses, v-belts, spark plugs, etc.


· Repaired front disc breaks
· Removed surface rust and painted rear brake drums
· Partially installed suspension polyurethane bushings
· Installed CE subframe connectors
· Installed CE traction bars and axle shims
· 4 New KYB shock dampers
· Installed Hotchkis leaf and coil springs, front and rear sway bars and tie rod sleeves
· New Global West upper tubular control arms
· New Detroit Speed and Engineering 600 steering gear
· New tie rods and ball joints
· New TCI Breakaway torque converter for the old TH350
· New Denny’s driveshaft
· New Powertrax no-slip differential locker-style
· Installed a TH200-4R automatic transmission from CPT with a 2,500 stall speed torque converter

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