Installing Heads and Meassuring Pushrod Length

Friday, 16. July 2010

My newly washed aluminum MoTown heads with new and stiffer springs are now back on the block. They were installed today so I could measure the length of the pushrods required for my new solid roller cam.

Installing Heads

If you need to find out the length of the pushrods required for your valvetrain, Geometry Lesson by Jeff Smith on is a good article to read.

If you need the torque specs when you are bolting your US-engine together, you can find them among other things at

Installing My TH200-4R on Tuesday

Saturday, 29. March 2008

Finally, I am going to have my TH350 transmission replaced with my TH200-4R that I bought more than a year ago.

The specs on the TH200-4R are nice. It is lighter and can be just as strong as the TH700R4 and its 1st gear is not as deep. And then it has an overdrive gear which will help mileage and reduce engine wear.

My TH200-4R is from California Performance Transmission.

CPT TH200-4R

GM Automatic Transmission Ratios

Powerglide   1.76 / 1.82   1.00        
TH350   2.52   1.52   1.00    
TH400   2.48   1.48   1.00    
TH200-4R   2.74   1.57   1.00   0.67
TH700R4 / 4L60   3.06   1.62   1.00   0.70
4L80E / 4L85E   2.48   1.48   1.00   0.75