Installing Heads and Meassuring Pushrod Length

Friday, 16. July 2010

My newly washed aluminum MoTown heads with new and stiffer springs are now back on the block. They were installed today so I could measure the length of the pushrods required for my new solid roller cam.

Installing Heads

If you need to find out the length of the pushrods required for your valvetrain, Geometry Lesson by Jeff Smith on is a good article to read.

If you need the torque specs when you are bolting your US-engine together, you can find them among other things at

Special Offer: Custom Designed Car Poster

Sunday, 15. February 2009

Special Offer

The special offer includes:
One custom designed poster.
One digital file at 1680×1120 pixels.
One high quality photo print at 75×50 cm (30×20″).
How the offer works:
You mail me high quality high resolution digital images along with the information I need for the poster.
I design the poster based on your wishes, if you have any.
I mail you the design for approval.
I ship the final poster.

Read about how to order.

See examples of posters.

Larry’s Motiv8r

Wednesday, 29. October 2008

This is a really nice car in every detail, build by Prodigy Customs. But I especially like the painted carbon fiber parts.

See how it was build at

God luck at SEMA 2008, Larry – the administrator of

Now What Is This??

Friday, 24. October 2008
What is this?
What is this?

I spotted it near Vasbygade in Copenhagen this morning, on my way to work. I wonder what is it going to be used for..

Sorry about the poor quality of my “spy shots”.

2010 Camaro Specs

Wednesday, 6. August 2008

After months of waiting, Chevrolet has officially released details on the new Camaro: 2010 Camaro Bruchure with specifications.

The Coupé will be out in early 2009 and the convertible in the summer of 2010.

You can read more at the official website.

Installing My TH200-4R on Tuesday

Saturday, 29. March 2008

Finally, I am going to have my TH350 transmission replaced with my TH200-4R that I bought more than a year ago.

The specs on the TH200-4R are nice. It is lighter and can be just as strong as the TH700R4 and its 1st gear is not as deep. And then it has an overdrive gear which will help mileage and reduce engine wear.

My TH200-4R is from California Performance Transmission.

CPT TH200-4R

GM Automatic Transmission Ratios

Powerglide   1.76 / 1.82   1.00        
TH350   2.52   1.52   1.00    
TH400   2.48   1.48   1.00    
TH200-4R   2.74   1.57   1.00   0.67
TH700R4 / 4L60   3.06   1.62   1.00   0.70
4L80E / 4L85E   2.48   1.48   1.00   0.75

Dragrace Game

Thursday, 14. February 2008

Give it a try and beat the records.


Tuesday, 12. February 2008

If you do not know this web site already you must visit it if you are into V8 muscle cars and pro-touring and g-machines:


Great feature and project videos.

Camaro Song

Friday, 1. February 2008

It is not a new one but I thought you should have a chance to watch the video if you have not already: 🙂

Camaro Song