Toolbox with Stickers

Friday, 2. October 2009

I have finally found a place to put some of the stickers I have collected through the last eight year. This is my new toolbox for the trunk in my Camaro.

Toolbox with Stickers
Toolbox with Stickers

Installing Red Procar Seats

Sunday, 1. March 2009

Installing these seats is quite straight forward. But if you like me have installed an eye bolt for your race harness you may run into a little trouble. Luckily I was able to solve the problem by just removing a washer.

Procar Seat in My Camaro

At first I could not Install the seat in the driverside. A bolt on the seat was interfering with the race harness’ eye bolt. But removing a washer under the bolt on the seat made just enough room for me to install the seat.

Procar Seat in My Camaro

The Procar Elite 1100 seats are done by Scat.

Decided on New Front Seats?

Friday, 17. October 2008

I have been looking at many different front seats for my Camaro for more than a year now. I mean, I really like the look of the original ’67 red deluxe Camaro seats but they do not offer much, if any lateral support and then there is the lack of headrests, comfort and adjustability.

One seat that I have been looking at several times is the Procar Elite 1100. And after I have seen a pair of them in Henrik’s “new” 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1, and also tried sitting in one I am almost sure that these are the ones (in the color red) that I am going for.

In Henrik’s Mustang the seats fit the car so well that I, at first thought they were stock.

Procar Elite 1100 Seat

The StarShifter Has to Go

Wednesday, 26. March 2008

I like the look and feel of the B&M StarShifter but it does not work with a 4-speed automatic transmission like the TH200-4R I am installing. So I have to replace it.

I chose to replace it with the B&M Megashifter. It looks very similar to the StarShifter and then you are able to manually shift through the gears, up or down when you feel like it. You cannot do that with a StarShifter.

B&M Megashifter
Measuring where to drill the holes.

Changing Seat Cover, Driver’s Side

Tuesday, 31. December 2002

When I bought the car it came with a new seat cover for the driver’s seat. So waiting for the year to end I decided to pass some time changing the cover.


The old cover.


Work in progress.



It was actually easier than I thought it would be. And it did not take very long.