New Parts Arrived Today

Friday, 4. September 2009

New parts from and arrived today. From Summit came my new camshaft, which I have carefully selected with tech support from Summit and Comp Cams. It came along with a lot of other very nice parts as you can see in the picture. I am of course looking forward to have all the goodies installed and find out how my new valve train performs. But it will be a while before I get that far, I have some rust issues and other things to deal with first.

New Parts - Camshaft, etc.

From came my fiber glass trunk lid with spoiler, rear bumper and two front inner fenders. I wish I had googled before I ordered, in my opinion their products are not of high quality. I have checked the trunk lid and it needs a lot of work and trimming before it can be fitted. I should have ordered from or instead.

Blue Lights

Thursday, 7. August 2008

Inspired by the light placed in the grill on the 2010 Camaro, I tried to put daylight driving light behind the grill on my Camaro to see what it looked like.

I do not think it is working. It looks a bit too tacky on an classic car. Perhaps it would have helped if the light was white or yellow and not blue. Anyway, it is not something that I am going to do (at least not now).

Blue Light

Installing Hood Pins

Saturday, 3. May 2008

When driving on the highway my hood flutters quite a bit. And having experienced an opening hood once while driving I decided to install a pair of hood pins.

Installing Hood Pins
Installing Hood Pins
1. Disconnect the battery.
2. Find a location on the radiator housing to install the hood pins.
3. Make sure that there are no wires under the radiator housing where you are drilling.
4. Start by drilling a small pilot hole.
1. Drill the hole bigger so that the hood pin fits through.
2. Clean the area around the bare metal with cellulose thinner.
3. Paint it with zinc primer to prevent rust.

I am going to have the whole car painted so the zinc color does not bother me at this point.

Installing Hood Pins
Installing Hood Pins
1. Install the hood pins but do not tighten them yet.
2. Put grease on the tip of the pins to mark where to drill on the hood.
After the holes has been drilled not much is missing. But you need to be accurate when installing the scuff plates.

I decided to make rubber gaskets to put under the scuff plates. I used one of the plates as a template.

Installing Hood Pins
Installing Hood Pins
Should it be with.. ..or without straps?
Installing Hood Pins
To my surprise, my wife said “with”. So I am going with that. 🙂

Installing Front Spoiler

Sunday, 29. May 2005

I installed the spoiler yesterday and it went really well and was quite easy to do. However, I chose not to install the center brace at this point since it involved drilling a hole in subframe.

Installing Front Spoiler
Installing Front Spoiler
Getting ready. The first bracket installed.
Installing Front Spoiler
Front Spoiler Installed
Installation Complete
(except for the center bracket).
The day after the installation.

Center Caps for My Rally Wheels

Friday, 2. July 2004

My tri-bar center caps are ready to go on my rally wheels. (Sorry, not the best background for a photo)

Center Caps

Note: Use silicone to glue on the SS center ornament emblems.

Exterior Photos

Sunday, 18. August 2002

Newly washed..


Noticed the new chrome moldings around the windshield? 🙂
I have fixed the rust in the cowl, body-filled and painted it. After that I installed the new windshield and then the chrome.


Road Trip

Thursday, 15. August 2002

So far I have been expericeing several different engine troubles and also other troubles like leaking front disc brakes, etc. Therefore I have not been on trips much longer than 40 km (25 miles). But now it was time to go on a somewhat longer trip.

This is the route. I went from Ballerup to Roskilde – Jægerspris – Frederikssund and back to Ballerup again. The pictures are taken in or nearby Frederikssund. “.1” is where the pictures in the woods were taken and “.2” markes the place where the pictures by the sea were taken. “X” is where the mirror in my right side-mirror were trashed agenst a traffic cone where I made room for an amublance.. Other than that the car did not complain and it was a really nice cruise.


Note the chrome moldings around rear window and on the roof drip rail on the right side. 🙂

A week or so before this trip I had the rear window out, fixed the rust around the window and on the drip rail. Then body-filled the bare metal, painted it, polished it and then installed the chrome.


Grille Paint

Monday, 15. April 2002

During the winter I painted the moldings around the grille and headlights flat black.