The Rain Passed

Tuesday, 10. October 2006

The rain had stopped and the sun was going down.

1967 Camaro SS After Rain
1967 Camaro SS After Rain
1967 Camaro SS After Rain

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Photo Session at Islands Brygge

Thursday, 15. April 2004

Me and two colleagues decided to take a break from work and make use of the perfect weather. We went to Islands Brygge and took pictures of (me and) my car. Michael Holm did the shooting.

You can see all the pictures from this session at my flickr account.


Normally I do not look as a smart-ass, at least not this much. 😉


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Nice Autumn Light for Photo Shooting

Wednesday, 15. October 2003
1967 Camaro SS-350

Just as I was about to shoot, the BMW parked in front of my Camaro.. 😦

1967 Camaro SS-350
1967 Camaro Trunk
1967 Camaro SS-350

Yes, I know my trunk is boring to look at.

New Rear Tires

Friday, 29. August 2003

I have just returned from the shop with new rear tires, BFGoodrich 275/50R15. Perhaps you cannot see it but the blue protection layer on the white lettering is still there. Luckily it is easy to get off using just soap and water. 🙂

1967 Camaro SS-350
1967 Camaro SS-350
1967 Camaro SS-350

After looking at this picture some times. I decided that I need the chrome rocker panel moldings for my car. It is too dark down there.

April Photos

Friday, 18. April 2003

Just before the pictures were taken the ugly orange side indicators were replaced with some black smoked ones.


Center Line Wheels – Warrior 07

Saturday, 22. March 2003

Just returned from the shop with the new wheels & tires on.


Exterior Photos

Sunday, 18. August 2002

Newly washed..


Noticed the new chrome moldings around the windshield? 🙂
I have fixed the rust in the cowl, body-filled and painted it. After that I installed the new windshield and then the chrome.


Exterior Photos

Sunday, 26. August 2001

In the background in some of the photos you see Henrik’s 1966 Plymouth Satellite V8 440 cui.


The First Look

Thursday, 14. June 2001

My brother-in-law, Henrik Nesager knows someone who is selling a ’67 Camaro. And we went out to have a look at it today. I was quite excited as the ’67 and ’68 Camaro is the car of my dreams. And after seeing it.. Yes I gotta have it! 😉

It is a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS-350 with a v8 350 cui from a 1973 Camaro and a TH-350 3-speed automatic. Originally it had a Muncie 4-speed manual transmission.


No, it is not me in the picture. It is Michael Bjarlert, the seller who is now a friend of mine.